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Shadow in the Sea

Readers will return to Windwaithe Island once again. When sixteen-year-old Sadelyn Hanson washes up on the shores of Windwaithe Island, her beauty and the strange marks on her wrist make superstitious locals suspect she is a mermaid. Feigning amnesia, Sade hides a far worse secret: she was sailing to her own murder trial when she was thrown overboard by the real killer, the cunning and cruel Captain Westwood.

Sade's quiet effort to rebuild her life on the island is threatened when she meets an actual young merman. Unable to speak his language, Sade still longs for the warm companionship he offers, despite the locals' dire legends about merfolk and their dark magic. But her confused feelings for the impossible boy become the least of her problems when Captain Westwood's ship docks at Windwaithe. With nowhere to escape, Sade must trust in the one person who doesn't fear the merfolk. A woman who had dealings with them herself—years ago

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Forbidden Sea is Out in Stores Today!

Forbidden Sea was officially released today. In the spirit of celebration, I have two links to brand new reviews of Forbidden Sea.

Alex over at Tales of a Teenage Book Lover has his review of the book up now. Click here to view it. I was stunned and amazed when I discovered Alex is fourteen years old. He writes so well, I would not be surprised if he becomes an author one day himself someday. He even has a a video of himself reviewing Forbidden Sea on YouTube. Click here to see it.

And Juju at Tales of Whimsy has her review up as well. Click here to see it. I adore Juju's blog. It just has a cozy feeling about it. The same feeling you get when you curl up on a rainy day with your favorite Jane Austen book.

In the months to come, I will be posting some fun inside information about Forbidden Sea--including deleted scenes and fun facts that never made it into the final write up of the story. An author always knows so much more about her characters and their backgrounds then can ever be told in just one book. I also know what happens to Adrianne and the gang in the future.

But that is another book entirely! : )

Now everybody run down to your nearest library or bookstore and request they buy Forbidden Sea as soon as possible! : )


RaĆ­la said...

Saving money to buy it as soon as I can! :)

Sheila A. Nielson said...

I'll be waiting for that day so I can do a special interview for your blog, Raila! :) Looking forward to it.

Wendi said...

Sheila, I just finished reading it today. Loved it. Drove to SLC to get my hands on it. It was worth the drive! See you next week!

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