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Shadow in the Sea

Readers will return to Windwaithe Island once again. When sixteen-year-old Sadelyn Hanson washes up on the shores of Windwaithe Island, her beauty and the strange marks on her wrist make superstitious locals suspect she is a mermaid. Feigning amnesia, Sade hides a far worse secret: she was sailing to her own murder trial when she was thrown overboard by the real killer, the cunning and cruel Captain Westwood.

Sade's quiet effort to rebuild her life on the island is threatened when she meets an actual young merman. Unable to speak his language, Sade still longs for the warm companionship he offers, despite the locals' dire legends about merfolk and their dark magic. But her confused feelings for the impossible boy become the least of her problems when Captain Westwood's ship docks at Windwaithe. With nowhere to escape, Sade must trust in the one person who doesn't fear the merfolk. A woman who had dealings with them herself—years ago

Monday, September 10, 2012

Forbidden Sea Brooch

Check out this gorgeous beaded brooch that someone created using the cover of my book! Jendayi never looked so good! Click on the link to see even more pictures of this fabulous creation on the artist's website. Check out some of their other breathtaking jewelry as well!


Taffy said...

Wow! NICE!

Padmé Arya Éowyn Istalrí Skywalker said...

It's beautigul!

Anastasia said...

omg i want one :)

Sheila A. Nielson said...

I want one too! : )

DeeDee said...

tThat is so cool. Isn't fun to see all the ways your book has touched people.

sapphire said...

its so pretty
i want one so badly
i've got a question for you sheila and ""crossing fingers""
have you heard from the publishers yet because i'm dieing to read your next book

Sheila A. Nielson said...

Sapphire - I have not heard back yet. It takes way too much time for publishers to make up their mind. It took two years for Forbidden Sea. Shocking, huh? It should not that long this time, but still--you never know.

sapphire said...

sheila i wish to write book because you have inspired me seen as your such great author do u have any advise for me ??

Sheila A. Nielson said...

Sapphire, nothing makes an author more happy than to hear they have inspired someone else to want to write. It was the authors who wrote my favorite books when I was young that made me want to try my hand at writing too! My best advice to a young author is to read lots of books. As many as possible. Great books will be your textbooks. As you read, be aware of what it is that an author does to make you like a book so much. Which parts really got you excited? Why did they excite you? What parts made you feel the emotions of the character? How did that author do it? As you read, your favorite books will teach you how a good book is written. Try it out and see what happens!

Taylor said...

Omg that is lik really pretty.. I love ur book and cant wait for the next one to come out.. Im even doin my book report on it! Its amazin how that piece is so detailed.. But i kno i will nevr make anythin so beautiful. but anyway i hav a question: how did u become a actual successful writer?? I think of becomin one myself .

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