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Shadow in the Sea

Readers will return to Windwaithe Island once again. When sixteen-year-old Sadelyn Hanson washes up on the shores of Windwaithe Island, her beauty and the strange marks on her wrist make superstitious locals suspect she is a mermaid. Feigning amnesia, Sade hides a far worse secret: she was sailing to her own murder trial when she was thrown overboard by the real killer, the cunning and cruel Captain Westwood.

Sade's quiet effort to rebuild her life on the island is threatened when she meets an actual young merman. Unable to speak his language, Sade still longs for the warm companionship he offers, despite the locals' dire legends about merfolk and their dark magic. But her confused feelings for the impossible boy become the least of her problems when Captain Westwood's ship docks at Windwaithe. With nowhere to escape, Sade must trust in the one person who doesn't fear the merfolk. A woman who had dealings with them herself—years ago

Monday, September 26, 2011

Forbidden Sea Book Trailer

This week we have begun preproduction on the Forbidden Sea book trailer. I had no idea how much work goes into making one of these things! You'd think we were actually making a movie instead of just a trailer for the book itself. I've been madly gathering costumes for the cast. When you have as small a budget as I do--you have to get a little creative at times. For example: the girl who is playing Adrianne is perfect for the part, but doesn't want to cut her hair. (Not that I blame her, she's doing this for free as a favor to me.) So we have to figure out a way around it. In a trailer, sometimes faithfulness to the book takes back seat to what looks absolutely fantastic on the screen. And the mermaid! She's the hardest part of all. But it has been a lot of fun and everyone involved is excited about how it's all shaping up. I can't wait to get started filming!


Emily said...

OOOOOOH! I cant wait to see it!

anastasia said...

cool im so exited!!!!!

DeeDee said...

I am so glad. It should be a fun adventure.

Hannah said...

I didn't know they make trailers for books... that is amazing! Choosing costumes for the characters must be a challenge, especially since up 'til now you'd only imagined what they looked like. You said the girl that was perfect for the part didn't want to cut her hair... I wouldn't either if I were her. That's sad though, did you have to find somebody else? Also did you have an audition or something? How did you find these actors? I can't wait to see it... how long does it take to put together?

Anonymous said...

Shelia, You could have the actress either where a short hair wig or fold her hair so it looks short.

Andrew and Kristi said...

I am so excited to see it!!! If you need anything let me know.

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