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Shadow in the Sea

Readers will return to Windwaithe Island once again. When sixteen-year-old Sadelyn Hanson washes up on the shores of Windwaithe Island, her beauty and the strange marks on her wrist make superstitious locals suspect she is a mermaid. Feigning amnesia, Sade hides a far worse secret: she was sailing to her own murder trial when she was thrown overboard by the real killer, the cunning and cruel Captain Westwood.

Sade's quiet effort to rebuild her life on the island is threatened when she meets an actual young merman. Unable to speak his language, Sade still longs for the warm companionship he offers, despite the locals' dire legends about merfolk and their dark magic. But her confused feelings for the impossible boy become the least of her problems when Captain Westwood's ship docks at Windwaithe. With nowhere to escape, Sade must trust in the one person who doesn't fear the merfolk. A woman who had dealings with them herself—years ago

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Forbidden Sea Review

A fantastic review has been posted by She Known as Jess. (Love the name!) I'm always so tickled when I hear people say they wanted there to be more of the story or that it ended too quickly. It means they loved the story enough that they didn't want it to end. I especially get excited when people say they wanted to learn more about the younger Sea Prince. He is indeed a very fascinating character--one we will learn much more about in the sequel if it gets published. Trust me--you are going to love him!

Click here to read Jess' review of Forbidden Sea.

Jess also wrote an amazing poem inspired by Forbidden Sea. Click here to read it!


Sra said...

She pretty much said the exact same thing that I thought when I read it. I came into it thinking "ok, mermaid book", and then the part that actually took place under the water was like a split second and then she was on land again. That made me sad because I wanted to sight see a little.

But everything else was good. I got it for my mom for her mother's day present.

I'm excited for the sequel because it sounds like it'll have all the under the sea stuff that I was waiting for the first time. :)

Anonymous said...

Sheila if --and lets face it, when the book gets published please release it ASAP. I want to read it sssssooooo badly!

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