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Shadow in the Sea

Readers will return to Windwaithe Island once again. When sixteen-year-old Sadelyn Hanson washes up on the shores of Windwaithe Island, her beauty and the strange marks on her wrist make superstitious locals suspect she is a mermaid. Feigning amnesia, Sade hides a far worse secret: she was sailing to her own murder trial when she was thrown overboard by the real killer, the cunning and cruel Captain Westwood.

Sade's quiet effort to rebuild her life on the island is threatened when she meets an actual young merman. Unable to speak his language, Sade still longs for the warm companionship he offers, despite the locals' dire legends about merfolk and their dark magic. But her confused feelings for the impossible boy become the least of her problems when Captain Westwood's ship docks at Windwaithe. With nowhere to escape, Sade must trust in the one person who doesn't fear the merfolk. A woman who had dealings with them herself—years ago

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Deleted Scenes Part 1


Do not read this post unless you have already read the book. Don't say I didn't warn you. : )

In the original story Jendayi had essentially been raised in the royal court of the Sea Queen. The queen acted as more of a mother figure to Jendayi than a cousin. The Sea Queen had been pushing Jendayi to marry, but because of all the political scrutiny involved in such a match, Jendayi and Rriess were attempting to keep their budding relationship under wraps for a little longer to avoid the inevitable public excitement that would quickly follow. They felt they needed time to get to know one another better. The scene was removed because there just wasn't time to go into enough detail on the subject for it to make sense. The scene below happened right after Rriess meets Adrianne for the first time.


"I think Rriess likes you," I said to Jendayi. She calmly continued to swim as if she hadn't heard me.

"I think you like him," I added recklessly.

Jendayi turned her full attention on me, her amber eyes searching my face. "I always thought you were a perceptive girl," Jendayi said, nodding her head. Her crown flashed, reflecting the light of the city in its polished gold surface.

Breathing out a long watery sigh, Jendayi continued. "My cousin, the Sea Queen, has been after me to marry for many years. I would appreciate if you would not speak to her of my meeting with Rriess today. It might cause--" Jendayi hesitated.

"Speculation?" I finished for her.

"Well spoken indeed, Adrianne of Windwaithe," Jendayi said with a smile.

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Anonymous said...

please make a movie for this book. it absolutely fascinating. especially since i'm the same age as Adrianne. i would quite enjoy a cheeky movie about it.

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